CE Fees

All CE schools and CE courses are being re-licensed by the Division of Real Estate. Information Professionals is currently awaiting approvals. All references to CE on this site are to be ignored. Any mention of CE, is on the site merely as place holders on the site for when the courses are re-approved.

Continuing Education classes held at:

Midlothian/Oak Forest
147th & Cicero Avenue 
in the Mid-Oak Plaza – the plaza with the White Castle
southwest corner of 147th Street and Cicero Avenue 

to register: 708-687-8049 

Managing Broker Continuing Education – 12 hour/2 day class

Managing Broker CE class – $159      (take all 24 hours of CE for $210

All tests on Combo priced classes must be taken the same day
or price will be adjusted. 
Individual CE prices listed in chart below

In Class Home Study

Professionals Providing The Books
Home Study

From Internet
3 hours $40 $35 $30
6 hours
(requires same day testing)



9 hours
(requires same day testing)
6 hrs in class

3 hrs home study
12 hour combo
(requires same day testing)
6 hrs in class

6 hrs home study

Shipping and handling on needed books – one book-$7.50, two books-$10.00,
three books-$12.50, four books-$15.00

no book charge for home study books printed from our website at cematerials.com
(due to copyrights, not all home study books are available on internet)

to register