CE Courses

These courses are good for both Broker & Managing Broker CE.

New this year (2020 renewal) The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) requires every licensee to take both Core in a live class and Sexual Harassment in a live class.

Mandatory Courses

4 hours core
Illinois Course License #564-003360
must be taken in live – IDFPR does not allow home study

Course Description: Class room only course.  Full 4 hour attendance is    required for course credit.  This course is designed to clear up any misunderstandings with the license act, fair housing, agency, buyer/seller/lessor,lessee relationships, disclosures, escrows, fair housing and advertising regulations.

2 hours Sexual Harassment
Illinois Course License #564-
must be taken in live – IDFPR does not allow home study

Course Description:  This course is not just another sexual harassment course.  Rather than the focus of the class being on the appropriate laws and who’s covered by them (we will cover some of that) it will concentrate on our behavior.  We will see the many times the Harassee in other situations may become the Harassor due to ignorance of the effect of their personal actions.  In the course, we take a thorough and constant self-evaluation of our own actions.  What we might consider fun or play, might be considered harassment by another.  We discuss setting up office policies, enforcement and investigative procedures.  The importance of confidentiality is stressed throughout the course.


Elective Subject Areas – 3 hours each

Ethics and Real Estate
3 hours elective credit
Illinois Course License #564-003357
book NOT available for download

Only Available home study

Course Description:  Course deals with ethics and the real estate licensee.  This course will provide a background in ethics and though process.  The course provides case studies portraying ethical dilemmas real estate licensees may find themselves in.  The course material is broken down into 6 units,  each with question and answer feedback to be certain the home study student is grasping the materials.  Case studies are also presented to test the students’ application of the learned material.


Fair Housing
3 hours elective credit

Illinois Course License #564-003358
book available for download  on cematerials.com

Only available home study

Course Description:  This is a very comprehensive fair housing course.  The newest Cook County protected class (criminal history) that goes into effect November 2019 is included.  Guidance for complying with this provision is included, as well as, the proposed rules (to be passed by the Cook County Board October 19, 2019) are included.  In addition to the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Federal Fair Housing Act). the Illinois Human Rights Act, and both Chicago’s and Cook County’s discrimination law.

Buyer Agency
2 hours elective credit

Illinois Course License #564-003359
Only available classroom

Course Description:  Real estate contracts were typically written to protect the seller, in much the same way as leases were written with the best interest of the lessor in mind.  Since 1995, real estate licensees have been regulated by Article 15 of the Real Estate License Act of 2000.  Article 15 requires that in the absence of any other written agreement, the licensee is representing the party with whom the licensee is working.  This course will teach the licensee how to look out for the best interest of the buyer as client.